Performing Automotive Electronic Diagnostics
For No-Starts, Fuel Injection Problems, Misfiring

Watsonville, Freedom, Aptos, Capitola, Santa Cruz

From low power, no power, a dying engine problem, the need for sophisticated equipment is crucial in order to work on today’s vehicles. After all, since all systems are somewhat computer controlled, a good shop must have the equipment in order to perform diagnostics and service their customers vehicles.

La Rue’s does. It would not be a stretch to call them a “smart” shop; not only do they perform their own in-house, automotive electrical diagnostics, but other shops call them for advice. They also assist in troubleshooting cars for a close-by transmission shop whenever difficult electronic issues arise. Watsonville, Freedom car owners are in good hands:

“Let’s say a customer complains of a wanting us to repair a drivability problem or has a car intermittent problem,” says Edgar. “Well, we like to take the car on a test drive with the customer; we want the problem to repeat itself. When it does we then have a better grasp of the problem.” A car may have a car stalling issue because of a plugged fuel filter, clogged air filter, or the car simply needs the fuel injectors cleaned, which is not a big deal. And by performing thorough diagnostics, or “deep diagnostics” as Edgar likes to say, technicians can diagnose car problems without wasting time and their customers’ money. At La Rue’s Auto of Watsonville, Freedom there is no guesswork involved with today’s vehicles.

Repairing Your Onboard Car Computer
Is Cheaper Than Buying A New One

Watsonville, Freedom, Aptos, Capitola, Santa Cruz

Replacing a failed car computer can be quite expensive, generally, $1,000 and up. However in many cases, Edgar may only need to replace the circuit board, and then have the computer reprogrammed. If the onboard computer repair cannot be achieved in-house, it’ll be sent out to a specialist and a week later it’ll be fixed and ready for installation. And the final price will be well under the cost of a new car computer.

Transmission, Engine Diagnostics & Rebuilds
Plus Installation Of Engine & Transmission Replacements

Watsonville, Freedom, Aptos, Capitola, Santa Cruz

If you have a vehicle with a blown engine or your vehicle’s transmission died, it’s not the end of the world: La Rue Auto offers you choices — depending on your needs and budget.

Transmission: The first thing technicians will do is to assess its condition to see if it’s rebuildable, or if it’s better to replace; the same thing with an engine. If La Rue’s Auto is to rebuild your transmission, or engine, you’ll get the same quality work that you’d expect from a transmission shop or an engine rebuilding specialist. Both an engine rebuild and transmission rebuild come with a complete warranty.

Replacements: If it turns out that best option is to replace either the transmission or engine, you’ll be assured of the highest quality. Edgar relies on Jasper, one of the most reputable names in the industry. They provide remanufactured engines and transmissions, also diesel engines, and drivetrains, which come with a three year/100,000 mile warranty. La Rue’s Auto of Watsonville, Freedom is a certified installer of Jasper systems. For engine problems or transmission problems, call: (831) 722-3970

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